Bolt Grip Wooden Post Support Spike

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Bolt Grip Timber Post Support Spikes are designed for use in firm but soft ground that allow the spikes to be driven into the ground. They allow easy installation or replacement of timber fence posts and are also suitable for a wide variety of garden structures including decking, pergolas and car ports and gazebos.

BIC GARDEN Hot Dip Galvanised Post Supports allow the installation of timber posts. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel for strength and durability, they hold the post above ground level, protecting the base of the wooden post against infestation and rot. Easy future replacement of the posts if required.

The post support bolt grip box is designed to secure the post on alternate sides. This provides an even self centralising sturdy clamping action. The bolt grip nuts and bolts will need to be painted after installation to prevent the onset of rust.

The hot dip galvanised finish provides the best form of rust protection, however it remains the end users responsibility to check for damage to the coating and paint touch up as and when required.

Post support box is 150mm high.

1. Using a suitable driving tool (or a section of timber post), drive the spike into the ground at the correct location.
2. Fit the post into the box and tighten up the bolt grips.

If you only require 1 or 2 items then please call for possibly reduced postage cost.
SOLD IN PACKS to trade customers at trade prices.
Fits square wooden posts 72x72mm and 75x75mm and 92x92mm and 100x100mm (Pack of 6 to the trade)