(RDZP13) 2438mm (8′) GAP x 914mm (3′) HIGH

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Scroll Metal Driveway Gate (RDZP13) 2438mm (8′) GAP x 914mm (3′) HIGH
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• Regent pair of scroll metal driveway gates.
• Solid steel construction.
• Frames 25mm x 6mm.
• Infill bars 10mm diameter.
• Scrollwork 10mm x 3mm.
• 2 Drop bolts fitted to allow the gates to be secured open or closed.
• Finish: Electro-galvanised for added rust resistance and powder-coated black.
• Made-to-Measure is NOT available in this range.

Scroll metal driveway gate fits a total post to post GAP as stated in the size selection. Gate frame height is 812mm and 914mm to top of scrolls. We already account for the hinge and latch gaps within the width measurement listed.

Finish on the scroll metal driveway gate is electro-galvanised for added rust resistance and powder coated black, the finish must be inspected periodically and any chips touched up. Note: the galvanising is not a 100% rust proof guarantee. Like any outdoor metal product, it may need to be painted every couple of years to ensure long life. Moving parts will need to be paint touched up on a regular basis.

Fittings included; Hinge angle brackets, bolts, rocker latch and 2 drop bolts. (No screws or wall plugs included) Nuts and bolts must be painted after fitting to prevent the onset of rust.