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How To Hang a Metal Gate

Metal gates provide good security as well as adding to the appearance of your property.  BIC gates are offered in various standard widths and heights. A bespoke made-to-measure service is available through your stockist or contact us directly on 01543-438217.

Tools Required:

  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Power drill
  • Masonry or Metal Drill Bit
  • Suitable screws (and wall plugs if going into brickwork)

Fittings Required:

Unless stated, all metal gates are supplied with a fittings pack. Each pack contains suitable hinges and a latch, plus all necessary fixings with the exception of screws and wall plugs.

Measuring For a Metal Gate

Measuring for metal gates differs from a timber gate in that the size quoted already includes the gaps for the hinges and latch. The physical width of the metal gate will thus be less than the total gap measured. Measure the total gap at top and bottom then select the size of gate required. When using posts, the thickness of the post will also have to be added to the gate gap size on the listing.

Please ask your stockist for details or contact our trade helpline on 01543-438217 to discuss any queries.

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Fitting The Metal Gate

Raise the gate off the ground by approximately 50mm or to suit your application. Use two spacers for this and support in position.

Gates with adjustable I-bolts hinges. Attach the angle brackets to the I-bolts and fit the I-bolts into the holes in the gate frame. Position the gate in the desired location and mark the scew fixing holes on the wall or post.

Gates with fixed hinge lugs. (not pictured) Fit the angle bracket to the lug, position the gate in the desired location and mark the screw fixing holes on the wall or post.

The eyebolts or fixed lugs (not pictured) used as the hinges are fixed on the top face of the wall brackets.

Gate with tip latch and saddle welded to the frame. Fix the tip latch to the saddle, the side will be to suit the way you want the gate to swing open. Position the catch on the wall or post such that the tip latch is level when resting in the catch slot. Mark out the screw fixing holes.

Gate with post/wall mounted catch (no saddle welded to the gate frame). The catch can be positioned at any suitable height, mark out the screw holes.

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Fix the hinge brackets to the wall using suitable screws (not supplied). If fitting the gate to metal posts, use suitable self-tapping screws. Note the reverse orientation of the top and bottom brackets, however the lower bracket can also be positioned the same orientation as the upper bracket. The orientation is often determined by the physical constraints of the ground or the post.

Fit the eyebolts to the gate and loosely tighten the nuts (3). If supplied, put a washer between the not and the gate frame.

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