Sometimes it can be difficult to find the exact size gates, fencing or railings you need for your property or project, that is why Burbage Iron Craft offers specially made-to-measure gates, fencing and railings to fulfil your needs (whatever size they may be). We offer bespoke gates, fencing and railings in most of our ranges listed on the web site. Whether you’re in need of metal gates, fencing and railings or wooden garden gates – made to measure is the solution.

Made to Measure Wrought Iron Style Gates, Fencing or Railings

Having a made to measure wrought iron style gates, fencing or railings allows you to not only control access to your home or property but due to the design and style, they do not block out any of the view. As they have a timeless design, they look fantastic between brick pillars, walls, metal or timber posts. Metal products do not usually require a lot of maintenance, making them a perfect choice for nearly every person looking for a gorgeous gate for their property. We are so confident of our made to measure metal products that we offer a 10-year workmanship guarantee with any made to measure metal gate you buy from us. The guarantee is only the structural aspect of the goods, covering things like the welds breaking. Note; The guarantee does not cover rusting as it is up to the end customer to inspect and touch up paint the gates or fencing as and when required to ensure a long life.

All of our wrought iron style gates, fencing and railings are created and hand made by our manufacturing team from mild steel.

Made to Measure Wooden Gates

If you are wanting something that has a more modern style to it, whilst remaining sturdy – you may want to consider a made to measure wooden gate. Any bespoke project that you provide us will be expertly put together by our own excellent manufacturing team. Our wooden gates are very popular as they not only look fantastic, they are incredibly well-made. Each of our made to measure wooden gates are supplied with a 5-year workmanship guarantee, covering any structural issues that may occur in the gate such as joints breaking. Please note that after 12 months wood rot is not covered under any guarantee due to the multitude of factors that could cause wood rot which we have no control over once the gates are delivered. It is up to the end customer to inspect and treat the gates as and when required to ensure a long life.

How To Measure for your Gates

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Why Choose Us?

Burbage Iron Craft have been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality gates for over 30 years. When you are considering buying a hand made to measure gate, fencing or railing, you can call and discuss your requirements with our friendly sales team who will be able to guide you through the process of selecting the right gate or fence along with the posts and fittings – as well as being able to offer advice on gate installation. All you need to have is the post to post (wall to wall) gap measurement of the space in which you require the gate or fencing. Measure the physical height you desire your new custom made to measure gate to be. Call us on 01543 438217 today and take the first steps towards getting your very own made to measure gate.