Flat Top Featherboard Fence Panels

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Flat Top Featherboard Fence Panels

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These simple yet effective panels are a fencing staple know for their durability. Handcrafted by our skilled technicians our Featherboard panel range takes a traditional Closeboard or Feather Edge fence design and makes it easier to install with its panel form construct, while also improving the overall quality of the design. built with two or three rails depending on the height and all weathered, clad with 100mm Featherboard pales, fixed using galvanised nails throughout for a longer life, these panels are designed to last.

Built to last from quality sawn timber boards for their versatile nature, these timeless panels are ideal for a variety of garden types with their elegant design. Compared to everyday larch lap fence panels our Feather offers an improvement on the specification as these panels are constructed using heavier top and bottom rail to create fencing staple built for complete durability.


•    All standard panels are 1.83m wide and 50mm thick
•    Panels are manufactured from weathered rails and Featherboard pales (100mm wide)
•    3 styles available: level top, convex and concave
•    140mm gravel board sold separately

Recommended Fixings

We recommend using 6 screws per panel or 12 per panel if using capping rails plus an additional 4 per gravel board. 60mm, stainless steel, self-drilling countersunk screws are available in packs of 100 or 200 to secure panels to posts. Panels should be screwed to the posts to secure the fence run.

Detailed instructions on how to install panel fencing on slotted posts are available.

The 25-year manufacturers guarantee on the panels is only applicable if they have gravelboards below or are raised above the ground by 50mm, if they are in contact with any soil they won’t be covered.   The posts and gravelboards are perfectly fine to be placed in ground contact.  There are links on our website to our recommended installation instructions, showing how the panels, posts and gravelboards should be installed correctly. (subject to their terms & conditions.)

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