Interwoven Aran Fence Panels

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Interwoven Aran Fence Panels

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The Aran fence panel – looks great from both sides of the fence.

The Aran panel is one of our latest ‘good both sides’ designs and features slats of different depths, intertwined to create a unique and attractive traditional style. Inspired by traditional woven or interwoven fencing, this design incorporates different sized pales to offer a distinct pattern.

This interwoven fence design not only creates subtle light and shade effects in your garden but also means that both you and your neighbour benefit from the best looking side of the fence with almost as much privacy as you would expect from a solid fence panel.

Please note that you will still be able to view through the panel at certain angles.

Panels are 50mm Thick.

The 25-year manufacturers guarantee on the panels is only applicable if they have gravelboards below or are raised above the ground by 50mm, if they are in contact with any soil they won’t be covered.   The posts and gravelboards are perfectly fine to be placed in ground contact.  There are links on our website to our recommended installation instructions, showing how the panels, posts and gravelboards should be installed correctly. (subject to their terms & conditions.)