Horizontal Hit And Miss Fence Panels

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Horizontal Hit And Miss Fence Panels

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Our handcrafted Hit and Miss fencing panels are so called because the pales or boards are alternately fixed on the front and the back of the panel with an over-lap to create a stylish Hit and Miss pattern. They are part of our premium ‘good both sides’ range, as both sides are the same, so you and your neighbour have the best looking side of the fence.

They are built using planed boards so the finish is smooth and gives a high quality feel.

These panels are sometimes also known as ventilation fence panels.

Please note: These Horizontal Hit & Miss fencing panels do not provide total privacy and it is just possible to see through the panels at an angle.


  • Panels are 1.83m wide, framing 45 x 51mm, recessed to take boards.
  • Horizontal boards 95 x 8mm with internal battens 50 x 12mm.
  • 51mm Thick
  • All timber is planed all round, and supplied in natural Jakcure® treated timber and guaranteed for 25 years.
  • All fixings are stainless steel.

Recommended Fixings

We recommend using 6 screws per panel or 12 per panel if using capping rails plus an additional 4 per gravel board. 60mm, stainless steel, self-drilling countersunk screws are available in packs of 100 or 200 to secure panels to posts. Panels should be screwed to the posts to secure the fence run.

The 25-year manufacturers guarantee on the panels is only applicable if they have gravelboards below or are raised above the ground by 50mm, if they are in contact with any soil they won’t be covered.   The posts and gravelboards are perfectly fine to be placed in ground contact.  There are links on our website to our recommended installation instructions, showing how the panels, posts and gravelboards should be installed correctly. (subject to their terms & conditions.)

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